14 New Fantasy and Science Fiction Books to Pick Up This March

"The fantasy and science fiction genres are without a doubt my favorites to read. Full of detailed world-building, otherworldly components, and fantastical elements, the books in these classes transport you to incredibly unique worlds abundant with mythical creatures, magic, and unbelievable concepts of time and space.

From sequels in well-loved series to new sagas from established authors and outstanding debuts, these are a few fantasy and science fiction novels to look out for this month."

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8 Books to Read If You Loved Carmen Maria Machado’s “Her Body and Other Parties”

Welcome back to Ask Your Friendly Neighborhood Lesbrarian! Queer writer Nita Tyndall recently tweeted: “Book twitter, please rec me all your queer, creepy short stories/collections a la HER BODY AND OTHER PARTIES. I am deprived.”

Nita is certainly not alone in her love for Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado and likely not in her deprivation either. It was, after all, one of Autostraddle‘s top 10 queer and feminist books of 2017. Here are eight queer short story collections that embody the same kind of creepy, “bodies as horror,” fabulist, dark fairy tale feel that Machado’s book does.

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Autostraddle: 65 Queer and Feminist Books to Read in Early 2018

What queer and/or feminist books should you read this winter and spring and minute? Early 2018 features new work from Mallory Ortberg, Roxane Gay, Michelle Tea, Andrea Gibson, Zadie Smith, Amber Dawn, Casey Plett and more. You won’t have any problems finding something new to read.

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OutWrite DC 2017: LGBTQ Literary Activism

LGBTQ voices will be heard and welcomed as OutWrite DC opens its 7th year with Smut Slam Cabaret an evening of smutty storytelling, nerdy burlesque and literary euphemisms. A full lineup of readings, workshops, and panels of LGBTQ writers, editors and publishers continues through Saturday and Sunday.

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Lez Talk: A Collection of Black Lesbian Short Fiction Named 2017 Goldie Finalist

Our first title, Lez Talk: A Collection of Black Lesbian Short Fiction, was named a 2017 Goldie finalist! We are honored and humbled that our work is being recognized by the Golden Crown Literary Society. Listen below to Lez Talk contributor Krystal A. Smith read an excerpt from her story "Two Moons."

Here is the link to the finalists list: http://www.goldencrown.org/general/custom.asp?page=2017Finalist


Entropy Magazine Interview with S. Andrea Allen Founder and Publisher

How did BLF Press start?

I started BLF Press when I was still in graduate school working on my dissertation. I had been researching Black lesbian writers for a few years, and I came to realize that the challenges that the women faced in regards to publishing still existed (lack of diversity in publishing; the [false] notion that lesbian literature was now “mainstream;” lack of access to agents, editors, and other publishing professionals; and more than anything, the notion that our stories were somehow unworthy or had no literary merit). I decided right then that I could do something about that.

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Interview. Entropy Magazine. January 17, 2017.

A Dream Undeterred: An Interview w/ Black Lesbian Feminist Press On Their Debut Title, Lez Talk: A Collection of Black Lesbian Short Fiction

In 2012, after her dissertation proposal defense, Dr. Stephanie Andrea Allen had the idea of creating her own Black lesbian feminist press to pay homage to Barbara and Beverly Smith and their Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press. It was part writer’s urge to continue the legacy of Black lesbian feminist storytelling and part a need to read books that represented her life today.

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Duque, Catalina Sofia Dansberger. "A Dream Undeterred: An Interview w/ Black Lesbian Feminist Press On Their Debut Title, Lez Talk: A Collection of Black Lesbian Short Fiction." The Huffington Post. December 7 2016. 

Q&A: Dr. Stephanie Allen and Lauren Cherelle on Black Lesbian Feminism and Fiction


In this anthology Dr. Allen and Lauren Cherelle, author and manager of Resolute Publishing, collaborated on this first BLF project in an effort to give voice to current Black lesbian voices exploring realistic fiction, science fiction, fantasy and erotica that reflects the diverse professions, education and socio economic experience of Black lesbians.

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Duque, Catalina Sofia Dansberger. "Q&A: Dr. Stephanie Allen and Lauren Cherelle on Black Lesbian Feminism and Fiction." Ms. Magazine Blog. November 28, 2016.