Black From the Future: A Collection of Black Speculative Writing

BFTF Cover_Final.jpg
BFTF Cover_Final.jpg

Black From the Future: A Collection of Black Speculative Writing


Forthcoming: August 20, 2019

Inspired by the work of Black science fiction and speculative fiction writers Octavia Butler, Jewelle Gomez, Nalo Hopkinson, N.K. Jemisin, and others; as well as by the theory of Afro-futurism as defined by Alondra Nelson, BLF Press is excited to announce a collection that encompasses the broad spectrum of Black speculative writing, including science fiction, fantasy, and Afrofuturism, all by Black women writers.

Contributors include: Jewelle Gomez, Eden Royce, Nicole Sconiers, Morgan Christie, Almah LaVon, Vernita Hall, Stefani Cox, Destine Carrington, Leila Green, K.E. Bell, Kivel Carson, Kristian Astre, LaToya Hankins, M. Shelly Conner, Maya Hughley, Nicole Givens-Kurtz, Riley Ramanathan, Tyhitia Green, Lauren Cherelle, and Stephanie Andrea Allen.

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Jewelle Gomez
Eden Royce
Nicole Sconiers
Morgan Christie
Almah LaVon
Vernita Hall
Stefani Cox
Destine Carrington
Leila Green
K.E. Bell
Kivel Carson
Kristian Astre
LaToya Hankins
M. Shelly Conner
Maya Hughley
Nicole Givens-Kurtz
Riley Ramanathan
Tyhitia Green
Lauren Cherelle
Stephanie Andrea Allen